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ADSLL – Associació de Directius Escolars de les Terres de Lleida


President: Ramon Oscar Torrelles Prunera
Contact: Neus Caufapé


The Associació de directius escolars de les terres de Lleida (ADSLL) is a newly created organisation comprised of a group of secondary school heads from the geographical area of Lleida. Lleida is a province in Spain and it is also one of the four main geographical areas in Catalonia.

Although the Association is quite new, the group of school heads have been working together for more than 10 years under the framework of a seminar supported by the Department of Education in Lleida. During this time, they have contributed to local and national educational policies by exchanging ideas with the relevant authorities and providing feedback when necessary. They have also been sharing good practices, related to both school management and methodological approaches.

The main interests of the group of school heads in the last decade have been focused on early school leaving (given that Spain has a high rate of drop-outs) and on entrepreneurship. These interests led the group to look for new ideas and solutions through Europe, thus designing and coordinating two Erasmus projects: Entrepreneurship as a tool for early leaving prevention: the role of methodology and orientation and Entrepreneurship as a means of fostering the employability of European citizens. Both projects helped the group to establish contact and share good practices with other principals around Europe.

The other aim is providing a framework where school heads could reflect on issues related to the role of leadership, support each other in the daily practice of school management, offer proposals to the educational policy makers, carry out training activities related to the position and ultimately, contribute to the quality of education.

Eventually, the European outlook of the group led them to look for other school heads organisations and ESHA, with a wide selection of activities, projects and discussion issues, proved to be the best choice.