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ESHA is an international community for European School Heads, in which experiences, visions and views are exchanged and in which new ideas are born. Both EU and non-EU countries are represented within ESHA by one or more organisations.

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Nurturing dialogue to address societal challenges and foster social cohesion

In a world marked by polarization and strife, initiatives like Dive in Dialogue offer a beacon of hope, demonstrating the potential of dialogue to heal wounds, build bridges, and forge common ground.

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Register for the ESHA–Apple leadership series

In February and March hundreds of school leaders attended the first 2 webinars of the ESHA–Apple leadership series. You can still join, for this semester there are 3 more opportunities.

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ESHA launches app for mobile phone

With this app on your mobile phone, you can easily access resources for school leaders and keep up to date with the latest news from our members and projects.

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The school as a learning organisation and developing a vision

Two new editions of HEADstart with guidelines for school leaders are available now. The subjects are: the school as a learning organisation & developing a vision and ambitions.

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