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This is ESHA

ESHA is an international community for European School Heads, in which experiences, visions and views are exchanged and in which new ideas are born. Both EU and non-EU countries are represented within ESHA by one or more organisations.

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Creative Ruptions for Emergent Educational Futures

This book shows how creative ruptions – disturbances or commotions – can lead to the emergence of ethical, care-ful educational futures. The authors demonstrate how creative ruptions can respond to wicked problems through the design and enactment of transformative pedagogies.

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CURIOSOIL, a new large-scale initiative - your help is needed

A brand-new pan-European initiative has been launched at the cross-roads of education and soil. The ultimate aim is to embed soil health in all education levels throughout Europe. ESHA is also involved in the project CURIOSOIL, managed by Portugal’s University of Aveiro.

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Empowering School Leaders for Inclusive Education

In the dynamic landscape of education, one steadfast principle stands out: the significance of diversity. As leaders within our educational institutions, we must acknowledge this importance and actively foster inclusive environments where every student feels acknowledged, valued, and empowered.

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Dynatex - Built for Schools

Dynatex is a small team with decades of experience in education, technology, and business. We came together because we believe that as an educator you should have access to top-notch communication products and services without having to pay the price of a small car to get them.

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