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The curriculum schools offer, the way that curriculum is taught and assessed needs to be constantly examined to ensure it remains fit for purpose to advance the values we want to promote as a society and to shape the vision we have for our society.    

School leadership and quality management

Investing in School Leadership will be a key driver for innovation in schools. The quality of the teacher in the classroom is paramount and building the competences and capacities of our teachers to cope with changing methodologies, lifestyle and societal expectations will be equally important.

In most countries, the school head will have to enable change by making strategic decisions, setting strategic goals, involving teachers, parents and students, dealing with resistance to change, implementing people reviews, and more.

Articles and resources on leadership

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Children are at the center of ESHA’s attention. As school leaders of Europe together we discuss in what way our changing society effects our children. The themes that we discuss, work on and exchange experiences on related to the wellbeing of children are: social behavior, crisis psychology, bullying and suicide prevention, radicalization, learners with special needs and early school leaving.

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The world we live in is constantly changing. Our economies, the way we search for information, the way we communicate. The information technologies we are exposed to are proliferating rapidly. In education, it is our primary concern to cultivate the skills and abilities that will allow our children to live successfully in this 21st century world.  In education, we help children and young people acquire the skills to enable them to gather and assess information, and to process and compose it into knowledge, while making the most of the modern technological tools available to them.

Articles and resources on learning

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