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HEADstart - Guidelines for school leaders

ESHA’s quality cards series HEADstart aims to help school heads with useful professional tips on how to develop and become better leaders of their teams.

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HEADstart #1

The school leader’s own development

  • How do I ensure that I keep on learning?
  • How do I set a good example as a learning school leader?

HEADstart #2

Stimulating teacher learning

  • How to move my team forward?
  • How do I get my teachers excited to learn?
  • How do I support?

HEADstart #3

Ensuring children’s agency in school

  • How can I ensure children’s agency in school?
  • How can I support parents to respect their child´s agency?
  • How can I ensure all children are able to participate in decision-making regardless of their socio-economical background?

HEADstart #4

Value compass for digital transformation of education

  • Building a frame of reference for structuring the digital transformation of your school;
  • Understanding the importance of ethics;
  • Using a value compass in your team

HEADstart #5

Leading change processes

  • How do I help teachers participate in making
    changes in the educational system?
  • What does it require in my role of school leader to
    make successful changes?

HEADstart #6

Collaborating with parents

  • How can we support parents to stimulate their children’s learning?
  • How do we use the expertise of parents to stimulate the learning of our students?
  • How do we have the right conversation with parents?

HEADstart #7

Stimulating collective self-efficacy

  • How do I stimulate teachers to bring out the best of
  • How do I stimulate teachers to bring out the best of
    their students?
  • How do I stimulate teachers to persist in teaching
    the most vulnerable students?

HEADstart #8

Stimulating teachers to conduct small scale experiments for school development

  • How do I ensure that teachers’ experiments contribute to school development?
  • How do I ensure the meaningful participation of teachers in conducting small scale experiments?
  • How do I use our teachers’ talents, their experiences and beliefs, knowledge and skills for conducting small scale experiments?

HEADstart #9

Improving equity in schools by teaming up with the educational consultant

What is the role of the educational consultant for improving equity in school?

HEADstart #10

The use of artificial intelligence in schools

This card provides suggestions for the following questions:

  • How do I make my team interested in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in school?
  • How do I support my team and give guidance on implementing AI in school?

HEADstart #11

Providing a code of conduct

Practical questions for which this card offers suggestions:

  • How can we build a safe space as a team?
  • How do we have the right conversation with each other?