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President: Filinto Virgílio Ramos Lima
Contact: Álvaro Almeida Santos


There are 809 clustered and non-clustered schools (“schools” from now on) in Portugal. Each of them has a headteacher, elected by the Government Body of each school for a four-year term.

Our members are headteachers from 174 of these schools. They can serve a maximum of four terms in each school.

This number in our Association might increase as about 30% of our headteachers have just begun their first term.

ANDAEP (National Association of Portuguese Public Schools and School Clusters’ Headteachers) was founded in 2009. Our statutes establish that Andaep’s purpose is to act, on behalf of its members, in order to ensure:

  1. adequate conditions for the exercise of the management and management activities of public schools;
  2. listen to the views of its members by giving them voice on educational matters and the organisation of public schools;
  3. provide information and guidance for the monitoring and support of all members in the performance of management functions of public schools;
  4. provide professional development support services for its members;
  5. contribute to raise the quality of performance of Portuguese public schools;
  6. to establish itself as a co-leading organization in educational matters and partner in discussions related to national educational policies.

We have been active in the Portuguese educational environment and we have been regularly consulted and our opinions are frequently taken into account by the political decision makers. Our presence in the national media (TV, radio; newspapers) has been regular and prominent.