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ESHA in partnership with Apple

ESHA and Apple are friends that want to establish connection and collaboration between the field of technology/ICT and Education. The collaboration is a relationship based on trust and cognizance of the societal needs to keep up with digitalization in the educational field (age-group 2-18 year old pupils). 

The focus will be on professionalization of leadership and an exploration of digitalization and technology and with the aim of equipping educational leaders with the skills to make evidence informed choices and decisions in this area.

To do so this collaboration also aims to connect national school heads organizations and their schools to the local services and training that Apple provides for to support a broader professionalization.

ESHA and Apple Europe will focus on vision and strategies needed to challenge and inspire decisionmakers on policy- and leadership in Education. We want to reach out to the leaders and policymakers in education at national and regional levels through international networks, platforms, and meetings. The inspiration these events can trigger lead to collaborations on national, regional and local levels in European countries, where ESHA will step back to allow Apple to connect and act through their national offices and their system.

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