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Media Hologram is at the forefront of the world of holographic technology. Our customised holograms offer the ideal opportunity to communicate any message you want. Whether for trade shows, promotional events, groundbreaking presentations or in education, Media Hologram ensures that your hologram experience is an unforgettable journey. 

Meet Lexie

Media Hologram is a friend of ESHA and together we are working to revolutionise education with our advanced AI assistant called Lexie. In an era when technological advances are faster than ever, our AI hologram Lexie (Learning and Education eXpert Intelligence Entity) offers a unique and engaging way to enrich the learning process and take the educational experience to new heights.



Interactive learning experience

Lexie is designed to create an interactive learning environment that engages students in an immersive way. The hologram brings lesson material to life by being a visual character showing virtual demonstrations and pre-programmed animations, for example on topography and history.

Tailored guidance

Lexie can assist teachers with customised support for any subject, in any class. But also consider tutoring for an individual student. With advanced AI algorithms, Lexie compiles the lesson material of the chosen subject or topic. This allows teachers to spend more time on preparation, differentiation and personal support.

Reducing lesson cancellations

In this, Lexie can play a crucial role in reducing lesson cancellations. In situations where a teacher is unexpectedly absent, Lexie can fill in and present the planned lesson material in a consistent way. The AI hologram ensures that students do not fall behind with lessons.

Always available

Students can access the holographic assistant at their earliest convenience. This promotes independent learning and allows them to repeat lessons when needed.

Media Hologram's AI Hologram Lexie not only provides a valuable addition to traditional teaching, but also opens the door to a new dimension of learning. We encourage schools to embrace this technological innovation and create an inspiring and effective learning environment together with Lexie.