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Wolf Academy

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Wolf Academy is a wellness education company that was founded to help people connect with themselves, others and nature. Connecting in these areas allows us to build resilience and overcome any challenges life throws at us.

Since being founded in June 2020, Wolf Academy has brought its innovative and engaging workshops to schools across Ireland both in-person and online.

Wolf Academy coaches use the power of personal story to connect with teenage students and they also share practical tools they can use to overcome their own challenges.

Due to demand for their programs, Wolf Academy has expanded to delivering workshops to school leaders, teachers and parents.

Areas of expertise in education/leadership:

  • Developing Successful School Wellbeing Programs
  • Creating Effective Leadership Strategies
  • Implementing Optimal Psychology and Performance Practices
  • Teaching Principles of Success 

We are friends of ESHA by collaborating on our School Leaders Training. This training is bringing together many disciplines including Performance Leadership, Optimal Psychology, Success Coaching, Nervous System Regulation and Breathwork to create an effective and engaging 6 week advanced digital training created solely for school leaders.

This training is to help school leaders who feel stressed and under pressure in their jobs. We will help themlearn the best and most effective tools to destress, get back on top of their game and find that work/life balance they’ve always been yearning for. 

ESHA also invited Wolf Academy to provide workshops around the importance of wellbeing in student achievement. These workshops were held for school leaders at the Biennial conference in Croatia in October 2023. 

Wolf Academy aim to continue supporting ESHA and school leaders to put wellbeing at the forefront of education so that everyone can benefit from the trickle down effect this has on not only school leaders, but also teachers, students, parents and the wider community.