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Collaboration with ESHA on health and healthy life issues where education has a role

Choose Zilveren Kruis this year!

Your health and the health of those around you, is the most important thing there is. That is why ESHA works together with Zilveren Kruis, to provide you with health insurance that suits your personal situation and your work. An insurance that provides care when you need it, but also helps you with your health.

Do you also want to benefit from health insurance through your work?

If you take out supplementary insurance, you will not only get a discount, but you will also be covered for additional reimbursements. Such as extra physiotherapy for you and any family members.

New in 2024: Gezond & Fitbundel (Health & Fit Bundle)

Reimbursements that improve your health from Aanvullend 1 star reimbursed to €250 per calendar year. If you opt for a more extensive package the reimbursement will be higher and includes the following:

  • nutrition education
  • weight loss course
  • health check
  • sports medical examination or coaching
  • online (self-help) modules for psychological complaints
  • sleep course

To sum up, this is how your health insurance will look like:

  • Competitive premium for your basic insurance
  • 10% discount on your supplementary insurance
  • 10% discount on your dental insurance
  • Extra reimbursements, such as physiotherapy + Gezond & Fitbundel

Enthusiastic about Zilveren Kruis health insurance?

Choose the insurance that suits you at Collectieve zorgverzekering - Zilveren Kruis. Apply by the 31st of December 2023 at the latest and it will be arranged for you!

Are you already insured with Zilveren Kruis? Then you're on the right track!
You have already received your new premium for 2024. If you still want to have a look at everything, please go to