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LUV – Ledere I ungdoms- og voksenuddannelser

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Contact: Gitte Rye Larsen


Danske Gymnasier is an association for the public high schools and 2-year courses and handles the sector’s educational policy interests and serves the schools.

Danske Gymnasier is an interest organization for the general high schools in Denmark. It is the association’s task to safeguard the interests of the upper secondary sector in relation to legislators, authorities and the other stakeholders in the sector. The goal is to provide the general high schools with the best possible framework conditions.

Danske Gymnasier also supports the operation of upper secondary schools in a number of key areas within personnel law, finance and HR.

The association has a special task in maintaining the cohesion in the sector and supporting cooperation across the schools. It is an independent goal for the association to promote the dissemination of experience and to jointly develop the quality and relevance of the education offering as well as an effective school operation further.