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Connecting and Empowering

Mission Statement

Strategic goals, priorities across Europe 2024–2028

Support sustainable leadership

We will focus on wellbeing and supply, leadership for change, leadership in (re)building education responding to societal transitions and support for (collaborative) professionalisation.


High quality leaders, valued and cared for


  • (Head)teacher shortage is a societal problem with long term impacts

  • Digitalization and AI pose societal and educational challenges

  • Contributing to a sustainable world means adapting to major societal transitions


  • EU and other projects and networks within the relevant topics. Contributions to research and involvement of members and partners in both input and output.

  • ESHA Academy to support networking and (collaborative) professionalization

  • ESHA network activities with relevance for members in their roles and coping with societal transitions

Lobbying and support in lobbying for school leaders and their labour conditions

Advocating the message the leadership matters, it is a game changing profession for educational developments. Leaders have a direct effect on the labour, learning and wellbeing conditions in the school, therefore have indirect effect on quality education and the labour market.


Policy, positioning, and professionalization explicitly for school leaders


  • Recognition of the importance of school heads is crucial

  • Enough high-quality school leadership is needed for any educational system to thrive

  • Representation in relevant European research and policy networks is needed to have our voice for impact


  • Relevant research and support for effective pathways and relevant activities for school leaders

  • Collaboration and involvement in relevant and effective research and policy networks

  • Support and reinforcement for members in realizing their national goals and performance

Sustainable organization

To be a strong, leading, and dynamic school leaders’ network the goals, reasons and effectiveness of ESHA must be clear. Member organizations must be aware of the benefits, the solidarity, and the responsibilities.


Addressing members’ needs and solutions, to be a strong, collaborative, and dynamic network.


  • Strong networks are noticeable and influential

  • Collegial professional learning communities benefit us all

  • Strong vision and solidarity are fundamental for true collaboration

  • Leadership matters and being a quality school leader is one of the most impactful and fantastic jobs


  • Being a living, connecting, professional, learning network

  • All members benefit, contribute and take responsibility

  • Building towards resilient, sustainable structures and finance

Network structure

The Timeline


  1. Supporting sustainable leadership

  2. Lobbying and supporting lobbying for school leaders and labour conditions

  3. Sustainable ESHA organization


  • Mapping aspects and impacts of societal transitions for education

  • Design ESHA Academy

  • Connect to policies, projects, and practices that relate to our strategic goals


  • Implement ESHA Academy

  • Biennial Conference

  • ESHA Policy roadmap for support and positioning school leaders as educational gamechangers

  • Connect to policies, projects, partners and practices that relate to our strategic goals


  • Implement ESHA policy roadmap for support and positioning school leaders

  • Update roadmap school leaders to respond to societal transitions

  • Update ESHA Academy


  • Refine/update ESHA Policy roadmap for support and positioning school leaders

  • Biennial Conference

  • Initialization towards updating strategic Policy ESHA