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POED – Cyprus Primary School Heads Association


Contact: John Charalambous


Cyprus Primary School Heads Association, functions under the Primary Organization of Greek Teachers – POED.

The primary aim of our Association is to promote both professional development of our members and good practices for leadership. As an association with professional orientation, our association represents heads’ voice to teachers’ union and to educational authorities. To achieve its goals, the association works in coordination with the teachers’ union (POED) where all primary headteachers are members.

POED (Greek primary teachers’ union in Cyprus) is both a professional Organization and a Union.
The POED aims to achieve:

  • the upgrading of education and teachers
  • the promotion and safeguarding of the professional interests of its members
  • securing and providing members with professional, social and economic benefits
  • the well-being of its members and the overall improvement in their living conditions
  • the achievement of national, Christian, social and spiritual advancement of its members
  • the promotion of the principles of liberty, peace and democracy and the consolidation of civil and political freedoms and rights.

In order to achieve the above objectives, POED cooperates with the other educational organizations of Cyprus, coordinating with these views and positions on issues of common interest, while maintaining close links with the Greek Teaching Federation (IOC). In addition, PDOA is an active member of Education International and ETUCE (European Trade Union Committee for Education) at European level. Following the accession of Cyprus to United Europe on 1 May 2004, PDOE became a member of the ETUCE with the capability to vote in the Executive Board of the Organization.