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VLVO – Vereniging Leidinggevenden Vlaams Onderwijs


Contact: Ria Verlinde


Making policy and implementing it together is not always evident in our educational landscape. After all, we often have the feeling that we are on an island and that decisions are being made over our heads. At the request of various directors and managers within education, a new association was therefore established at the end of 2014, the Association of Flemish Education Managers (VLVO).

The objective of the association is to represent the interests of the managers of education, without distinction of network or level. Our association wants to raise the voice of all managers from primary, secondary and part-time art education in various public and political forums. Every director has an interest in raising awareness among the government in order to optimally ensure the preconditions for our Flemish education.

The VLVO defends the interests of its members with the government by closely following educational news. The VLVO informs its members in a timely manner about its educational standpoints and puts them forward in the education committee by participating in hearings. Pluralism, solidarity, independence, advice and support are our greatest assets. The VLVO faces a broad and varied assignment: professionalization of directors and policy supporters, coupled with the ambition to become not only an informal but also a formal discussion partner of the government. We work strongly on communication, both to members and to the media, in order to initiate a social debate.