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VO-raad Logo

President: Henk Hagoort
Contact: Carolien Hueting


The VO-council is an association of schools in secondary education. The council promotes the interests of secondary education in government, politics, business and social organizations.

In addition, the VO-council promotes the quality of education by facilitating school managers and school leaders in fulfilling their duties.

The VO-council represents almost all school boards in the Netherlands and consults with employee organizations about the employment conditions of more than 120,000 staff members.

Our mission:
Good education in which the individual talents of students come into their own and students are prepared for their role in society is an important social good.

The VO-council promotes the quality and development of secondary education in the Netherlands. Leadership and good governance in the school organization are essential for this.

The VO council promotes the common interests of its members and facilitates school managers and leaders in fulfilling their duties.

Our vision:
Leadership is essential for promoting the quality of secondary education and the optimal functioning of a school. Administrators and school leaders enable teachers and support staff to do their work well and thereby create the conditions in which students can best come into their own. Without leadership and good governance there is no good and contemporary education.