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Picking up STEAM

A Road-STEAMer policy brief

This first policy brief aims to convey the results of the first year of the Road-STEAMer project to policy makers, with special attention to the European context, in a way that is easily understandable and approachable, in order to boost the agenda of STEAM in Europe.

These are the main areas for the development of specific policy recommendations: 

  • Encourage the uptake of STE(A)M careers to counter the skills crisis;
  • Increase diversity in STE(A)M, both to counter the skills crisis and enrich the field with a wider range of perspectives;
  • Increase science and arts literacy for all so that no citizens are left behind in an increasingly technological world;
  • Align education with tomorrow’s societal needs, to build a society that can tackle the complex problems it is set out to face.