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Leadership for Diversity Handbook Available

Are you ready to take your leadership and diversity skills to the next level? The much-anticipated Leadership for Diversity Handbook for Professional Development is now available!

This comprehensive guide offers a wealth of exercises and resources to support leaders in education in their journey to become more effective and impactful, including:

  1. Recognise the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

  2. Understand Key Terms and Concepts

  3. Identify and Address Biases and Stereotypes

  4. Develop Inclusion Strategies

  5. The handbook is available on in English, Spanish, French, Greek and Dutch.

More Leadership for Diversity

Have you been enthusiastic about leadership for diversity before and would you like to contribute to the final development phase of the project? An e-hub has been developed and we will organise a usability workshop in September. Would you be interested in partaking in this? Reach out to Myrthe Stienstra (