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Bio-Streams project to combat childhood obesity crisis in the EU

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ESHA is partnering in Bio-Streams, a new project to address the rising epidemic of childhood obesity in the European Union. The project aims to tackle this issue through data-driven research, prevention measures, and community participation, taking a holistic approach to reducing obesity rates among children and adolescents.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) European Regional Obesity Report 2022, obesity rates have reached epidemic proportions in the EU, affecting nearly one in three children. The prevalence of obesity in childhood and adolescence is particularly alarming, leading to psychological and psycho-social impacts and increased risks for noncommunicable diseases.

Key components of the Bio-Streams project

The Bio-Streams project has brought together a diverse group of partners, including hospitals and schools from across six EU countries. The project’s key components include:

  • Bio-Streams Biobank: This is the first EU-wide center for sharing data on child and adolescent obesity, aiming to standardize data collection and expand the network across countries.
  • Bio-Streams Platform: An integrated digital platform that offers personalized risk assessments, tailored prevention programs, a marketplace of mobile tools, and a knowledge hub, all aimed at effectively addressing childhood obesity.
  • Bio-Streams Community Network: Coordinated through the Bio-Streams Platform, this network facilitates the communication of evidence-based knowledge to stakeholders, dissemination of best practices, community engagement campaigns, and citizen access to local obesity professionals.

Target and impact

Bio-Streams aims to establish an EU-wide Knowledge Chain Model on obesity for the underage population. By promoting healthier habits and providing personalized advice through advanced machine learning models, the project aims to have over half of participants consistently follow health recommendations. Additionally, the ActiveHealth App developed by Bio-Streams is expected to be adopted by at least three clinical partners, making it a valuable tool in clinical settings.

A collaborative effort for a healthier future

The Bio-Streams project brings together 30 partners from 15 countries in the EU. The collaborative effort aims to address the critical issue of childhood obesity by integrating data-driven research, prevention strategies, and community engagement. The goal is to build a brighter and healthier future for the next generation of Europeans.

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