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Creative Ruptions for Emergent Educational Futures

Title: Creative Ruptions for Emergent Educational Futures
Authors: Kerry Chappell, Chris Turner, Heather Wren

Publisher: Open Access by Palgrave Macmillan:

This book shows how creative ruptions – disturbances or commotions – can lead to the emergence of ethical, careful educational futures. Grounded in empirical and theoretical research undertaken from posthuman, decolonial, new materialist and feminist perspectives, this edited volume questions historical and current assumptions as to how education is structured and enacted, and provides examples and tools illustrating how to create and work with creative ruptions. The authors demonstrate how creative ruptions can respond to wicked problems through the design and enactment of transformative pedagogies. Including consideration of how we can grow our emotional repertoires from anxiety to include hope and courage, the book explores how creativity might expand the horizons of personal, social and political possibility that take shape within – and ultimately determine – education and its futures.

“This book provides hope for those of us despairing of the narrow view of education that pervades both policy and practice. Grounded in diverse contexts from around the world, the authors present viable alternatives that will challenge every reader’s thinking. Read it, not just for yourself, but for all your future students – they deserve it.” 

Professor Justin Dillon (Professor of Science and Environmental Education, Centre for Climate Change & Sustainability Education, UCL, UK)

Creative Ruptions for Emergent Educational Futures book cover