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UPPER Project

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September 2017 – September 2020

Education inspiring Peace – Systemic Upscaling of Peace Education pRactices

Focus contributing to bringing peace, intercultural dialogue and civic participation to the core of education policy and school practice by scaling up the results of existing good practices in view of producing significant improvements in learning outcomes of life competencies for youngsters living in Europe.


  • Organizing data and narratives of existing good practices by identifying common “good practice elements” that can be used in different contexts;
  • Piloting and evaluating different sets of combined good practice elements in twenty schools;
  • Proposing self-assessment and benchmarking tools freely accessible to all interested schools;
  • Identifying competences requirements for school heads and educators to implement a “whole institution approach” to peace education, using the successful experience already in place and developing their own initiative in a collaborative international environment.

Assumed deliverables

  • Good practices report and analytical framework;
  • Teachers’ competence framework including identification of critical competences for educators in peace education and development of self-assessment tools for schools, concept validation of proposed qualification in a Qualification Framework;
  • Education for Peace Handbook selection of learning resources and elaboration of trainings;
  • Policy recommendation, collaborative benchmarking system and long for the elaboration and implementation of school diversity policies and action plans;
  • Online benchmarking system;
  • Establishing a permanent peace laboratory on transferability of good practices in the International Institute for Humanitarian Law, based in Sanremo (Italy).

In line with regulations set by the European Union all project materials that are delivered will be free of cost and for use to the benefit of the (schooling) community as a whole.

We request educators’ in the ESHA network to support us in the UPPER project. Together we can make our schools peaceful!

In case you are interested in lending your support to the UPPER cause, we invite school leaders to consult to contact local UPPER partners directly. For further suggestions and/or queries please contact ESHA. The ESHA consultants for UPPER is Luca Laszlo (

The consortium partners

  • FREREF, France
  • UNIMORE, Italy
  • Ministry for Education and Employment, Malta
  • International Institute of Humanitarian Law, Italy
  • European School Heads Association (ESHA)