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Leadership for Diversity

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The Leadership for Diversity project aims to promote leadership within schools to effectively contribute to the management of diversity.

The meaning of ‘diversity’ in this project is focused on cultural diversity and tailored to the needs as expressed by school leaders in an initial round of interviews.

Many diversity training courses focus on understanding and valuing human differences but may not induce leaders to change their practices. This project will not only create awareness around diversity, but it will also provide tools that leaders in an educational setting can use to address organizational issues of intergroup conflict and emotional tension in the workplace. Key aspects and values are respect, self-awareness, understanding other perspectives, listening, adapting, relationship building and cultural humility.

As a result, school leaders will be equipped with the necessary tools to embed intercultural competences in their schools, and a tailored Educational Leadership program will be developed to foster intercultural competences in schools and HEIs.

For school leaders

The project is addressed to school leaders, including all professionals who have leadership responsibilities at some level within the school system, with a focus on primary and secondary schools. The project is intended to build a leadership for diversity training program and online learning environment in order to improve the professional profiles of the target group and thus, enhance and promote more inclusive schools.

Leadership for Diversity training program

The final outcome of the project will be a diversity for leadership training program based on Design Based Education and Inclusive Education methodologies. The target group of the project will learn about educational leadership and diversity management related competences. At the same time, VET providers will be provided with a possibility to reinforce their ability to provide high quality and inclusive education.

Diversity in schools can be an enormous asset to a school team, however it can also cause friction when differences are not sufficiently considered.

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  • Dramlys (Project Coordinator)
  • Hanzehogeschool Groningen
  • Momentum Marketing Services Limited
  • A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
  • Le LABA
  • ESHA
  • Intercultures España & Latam SL